Friday, 15 February 2013

Crohnly Love

As its the season of love, and I haven't blogged for a wee while, I thought I'd take a minute to wallow in the romance of the last few days. Yes I know technically Valentines Day was yesterday but so what? You're not the boss of me! Back off!
In the spirit of Cupid firing his bow all over the shop, I got to thinking about my own personal love affair.
With my gut.
Its a torrid romance with so many ups and downs we are considered by many (no one) the Burton and Taylor of our day.
The bottom line (pun ALWAYS intended) is that my life would be much, much easier if I didn't have Crohn's Disease. I would be free from worry, and the pain and misery it can bring. I'd be able to do my own thing without having to consider how my guts will react first.
But of course the same could be said for any relationship. When things are difficult thats all you can focus on. In the midst of the anger and upset you can forget the positives in the blink of an eye. The difference between most human relationships and the one I have with my gut is that we we didn't have a choice, we were forced together. Like some awful arranged marriage when 2weeks in you realise that you are just NOT compatible.
Regardless, I love the bones of my gut. (Yes I know that doesn't work but just go with it..).
If my disease and I would were to be parted I think i'd miss what Crohn's has given me. Everyone wants a cure for the illness, including me of course, and if that day ever arrived I'm pretty sure I would grab it with both hands. But I also think I'd feel a great sense of loss at what we've been through together.
I don't like to think of my condition as poisonous or massively negative. That doesn't mean it's easy. But like any relationship it has good points and bad. If Crohn's was ever to leave me I'd want to look back on what I've gained and not focus on what I'd lost or missed out on. Like any former flame I'd take the time to see what good we've done one another.
Plus, I know for a FACT, Crohn's would never take my David Bowie CDs and never return them...