Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Crohnly In Dreams

One of the most common (and thankfully mildest) symptoms of Crohn's, is tiredness.
For me, I've found since my operation almost a year ago, I've been getting steadily more and more shattered. I know this is far from a major symptom, but being knackered all the time is quite a surprisingly difficult issue to deal with. Tiredness leads to irritability, loss of appetite, lack of concentration, headaches and general fatigue - causing the most inane of activity to become a full on challenge.
I've found work to be a chore recently and keeping my mind on the job more difficult than before. I find my mind wandering and my eyelids drooping most of the day and at times feel I'm struggling to concentrate.
Nothing seems to help either, multi-vitamins are no use, my iron levels are usually low but nothing too drastic, and having been recently tested for b12, I've been advised there are no major issues there either. On paper all is well. So why am I still constantly counting those sheep?
The feeling I have is akin to those tipsy moments after a few too many glasses of vino. I feel wobbly and slightly dizzy, heaviness in the eyes, and at times like the room is spinning. Walking short distances is on the whole a struggle too- leading to breathlessness and at times nausea. Sometimes I feel as though I can't take things in or concentrate on a conversation for longer than a few moments.
During a Crohn's flare this can get worse. As the body struggles to fight the disease all energy is being sapped to the max, leaving the resulting sufferer a limp rag.
Side effects to medication can also cause fatigue and switching medication can help in these cases.
For me it would seem anaemia and nutritional deficiencies are leaving me fatigued. I've been told to ensure I get 'adequate sleep' and eat 'healthy foods' - most healthy foods play havoc with my washing machine tum and the sleep I get is usually more than adequate but still leaves me feeling like a complete weakling. Sleep can also be a wily character to keep a hold of when my nights/mornings are spent running back and forward to the ladies room..
If feeling tired is the starting block then the finish line is that cranium finally hitting the pillow. When tiredness strikes all I can think about is the sweet relief that will come when my eyes finally comfortably close and drift of to sweet, sweet snooze-ville. This can be a challenge in itself at times as, depending on the level of pain in my tum or bum it can be really uncomfortable just trying to relax. I'm still very tender at my scar site too so finding the correct lying position can take it's time. But when I get there...
Let's just say those sheep best have their running shoes on.. Zzzz..

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